D-9 - Rubysta
D-9 - Rubysta
D-9 - Rubysta
D-9 - Rubysta
D-9 - Rubysta
D-9 - Rubysta

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D-9 salt and pepper geometric diamond

$280.00 $400.00 (30% off)

★Stone Details
Stone : Diamond
Natural : 100% Natural Diamonds
Stone Color : Salt and pepper diamonds
Stone Quality : Translucent Hexagon
Stone Shape : Geometric Salt and pepper Diamond
Stone Pcs: 1 Geometric
Stone Weight : Total 1.00carat
Stone Dimension: 6.40x7.60x3.10mm

1 detail image also given for information about whole ring and stones inside

We do not sell individual loose stones to customers.

Stone Weight, Stone Dimensions & Stone Number mentioned on Image.

"If you would like to use a loose stone for a completed piece of jewelry, Please select design and checkout this stone with it or chat with us or email us on info@Rubystajewels.com and reference the product number of the stone you are interested in, along with any additional ideas, styles, gold type, budget, etc."

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