Why Does Our Jewelry Cost Less?

At Rubysta Jewels, we take immense pride in offering exquisite diamond jewelry at remarkably competitive prices. Our commitment to affordability is rooted in a carefully crafted approach that allows us to provide you with the finest diamonds while maintaining cost-efficiency. Here's why our costs are low:

1. Sourcing Diamonds from the Best

We believe that the foundation of stunning jewelry begins with high-quality diamonds. That's why we source our diamonds from some of the finest diamond-producing countries in the world, including India and Canada. These countries are renowned for their exceptional diamond cutting and craftsmanship, ensuring that our jewelry starts with the best materials.

2. Strategic Manufacturing Locations

Our jewelry is predominantly crafted in two of the world's top jewelry-making hubs: Bangkok - Thailand, and the USA. These countries are known for their skilled artisans and advanced jewelry manufacturing technologies. This strategic choice allows us to combine world-class craftsmanship with cost-effective production.

3. Direct-to-Consumer Model

Unlike many other jewelry companies, we do not rely on third-party vendors or intermediaries to sell our products. This means that there are no middlemen adding extra costs. We establish a direct connection with our customers, eliminating any commission or markup that might arise in the traditional retail model. You purchase our jewelry at its true value.

4. Efficient Operations

We run a tight ship with a small, dedicated staff that excels in managing the entire jewelry-making process, from design to delivery. This lean approach ensures that we don't incur unnecessary overhead costs associated with a large workforce.

5. Streamlined Customer Management

Our in-house systems and processes are finely tuned to efficiently manage customer orders. This means faster order processing, accurate customization, and timely delivery, all while keeping administrative expenses to a minimum.

6. Competitive Pricing

Thanks to our cost-effective methods, we're able to offer our customers highly competitive pricing without compromising on quality. Our jewelry is not only beautiful but also accessible to a wide range of budgets.

7. Commitment to Value

We're committed to delivering value to our customers. Our pricing strategy ensures that you receive exceptional quality and craftsmanship without the hefty price tag often associated with fine jewelry.

In conclusion, at Rubysta Jewels, our ability to offer high-quality, stunning diamond jewelry at affordable prices is the result of a meticulous and efficient approach. We source the finest diamonds, eliminate unnecessary intermediaries, and leverage top jewelry-making regions while maintaining lean operations. This commitment to excellence and affordability is at the heart of everything we do, ensuring that you receive exceptional value with every purchase.

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Exceptional Customer Support

Ruby’s customer service was impeccable! I’m a big anxious mess who changes her mind a million times and Ruby handled it with impressive patience and kindness. The ring is gorgeous and my fiancée absolutely loves it!

Ellie Perleberg

Celebrating 1000 Orders - Our Journey

A heartfelt thank you to our wonderful customers! We've reached a remarkable achievement of 1000 orders fulfilled. Your support and trust inspire us to continue crafting exceptional jewelry.

Rubysta Jewels
Florida, USA

Personalized Service

I absolutely adore this mesmerising ring. This was a custom design and has been made with exquisite craftmanship! The customer service is amazing as always and shipping was fast.


Timely Delivery

Absolutely beautiful ring! Moss agate is a favorite for me and when I saw this ring I instantly fell in love! Thank you so much for the communication and fast shipping.

Courtney Schlemmer


Ruby was amazing to work with - a million thanks to her for creating exactly what we wanted. If you are looking for a custom piece of quality that will stand out - I highly recommend her!

Jason Ball