After contacting us regarding your personalized order requirements, we will collaborate with you to thoroughly discuss all the aspects of the item. To initiate this process, kindly send an email to , providing us with any supplementary concepts, preferences, desired gold type, and your budget. If you have already identified a stone from our loose stone inventory that has captured your interest, please inform us accordingly.


Once we receive the specific information regarding the setting (style of the engagement ring), the type of gold, and the precise stone selection, we will be able to furnish you with the pricing details.


We offer the option to create a custom ring with a mockup, also known as a CAD render. If you decide to have a CAD render created for your design before making full payment for the ring, we kindly request a custom design deposit of $50 reach out to us. This deposit will be applied towards the final price of your piece if you proceed with the design. The process of producing CAD renders typically takes 3-4 business days, considering the size of our current queue. Once the CAD renders are ready, we will send them to you for review. If you are satisfied with the design and wish to proceed, we will request full payment for the piece. The $50 design deposit allows for minor adjustments and feedback on the design. Any significant changes or a shift in the design direction may incur additional fees. The CAD renders provide a computer-generated image of the ring, accurately representing its measurements and proportions.


Once you have given your approval for the CAD renders or opted not to receive them, and you have finalized a design that you wish to proceed with, we will generate a personalized link for you. This link will contain a detailed written specification outlining the specific piece to be created, and it will reflect the full price of the item During the checkout process, if you want to make payment plan then inform us first else you can make full payment.


Upon receiving full payment or first payment plan for the custom listing, we will commence the creation process for your piece. It is important to note that your payment also serves as a reservation for the loose stone associated with your design, ensuring that it is not available for purchase by other customers. Please be aware that we do not accept deposits or reserve any stones without payment. To facilitate a smooth payment process, we accept various methods including credit and debit cards, PayPal, Klarna payment plan etc.


After your payment has been successfully processed, we will initiate the production of your custom piece. On average, the manufacturing and delivery process takes approximately 16 to 18 days, though the exact duration may vary based on the complexity of the design and shipment. You will get every information about making and delivery process via email address given by you. To commence the creation process, please reach out to us and we will guide you through the necessary steps.